Iron Man 2 Campaign — Learn Social Media By Example

As far as Hollywood and movie studios are concerned their Christmas season is in summer, that’s the time  they await patiently to release their biggest blockbusters and wait for the profits to come pouring in. We are just about to come to the beginning of the blockbuster season and the release of the first mega movie of this summer season is only a few days away.

Iron Man 2 opens in movie theaters around the states on the 7th of May, the movie is the much anticipated sequel to the movie Iron Man which was released in 2008 and had brands jumping on its bandwagon left right and center allowing it to allocate a $100 million dollar budget for its marketing campaign which is just shifting into main gear. Brands from the obscure Land O’Frost lunchmeats and Royal Purple to the infamous oracle and 7-Up have partnered to promote the movie. There are a total of 11 marketing partners that are on the Iron Man marketing bandwagon which makes it seems like the movie is everywhere on the web and in real life!

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Campaign Review: Audi’s “The Tony Stark Challenge”

When I first got an email from M80 Advertising about the latest Audi-Iron Man 2 Innovation campaign, I was excited to write a quite positive review. The phrases “better living through technology” and the “Tony Stark lifestyle” got the geek in me worked up.

In their words:

Audi and Tony Stark are joining forces asking progressive individuals to refuse limitations, take risks and showcase their talent.  How well these forward-thinkers demonstrate “better living through technology” philosophy gets them closer to the Tony Stark lifestyle.

The Reward:

In addition to $15K in seed funding, the winner will receive VIP treatment: private helicopter tour of Los Angeles, test flight with ICON A5 aircraft, and behind-the-wheel drive of a 2010 Audi R8.

Digging more into the site and the campaign itself, I got less and less excited about this campaign. Here is why:

Amazing Flash interface for Audi's Iron Man campaign

Amazing Flash interface for Audi's Iron Man campaign

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