Quirky News of the Web — September 2010

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There are always smaller headlines that tend to go unnoticed. They are the headlines that let us know how individualistic and unique some of the interactions on the web can be, and how much social media is shaping our world in ways that we could not have fathomed 20 years ago.

Therefore, the Quirky News of the Web section will be dedicated to those pieces of news that might go unnoticed but still pack quite the punch.

The Revenge of the Beiber — Maniacs

It was as ground breaking as learning that Justin Beiber is not a virgin, the 16-year old heartthrob shattered the hearts of his legions of fans by being caught making out in the back-seat with his tour-mate Jasmine Villegas. The beibermaniacs jealousy meter skyrocketed and they quickly hit Twitter and made #getsomejustin a trending topic in which they teased and mocking the star for “gettin’ some“.  Things got so bad to the extent that his agent tried to step in for a little damage control. But finally it was Justin who managed to pull a quick one on his fans recapturing their hearts by kissing another girl, you go playa!

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