Quirky News of the Web — August 2010

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There are always smaller headlines that tend to go unnoticed. They are the headlines that let us know how individualistic and unique some of the interactions on the web can be, and how much social media is shaping our world in ways that we could not have fathomed 20 years ago.

Therefore, the Quirky News of the Web section will be dedicated to those pieces of news that might go unnoticed but still pack quite the punch.

Twitter: The Latest Crime Fighting Tool


A flasher started getting intimate with himself on a Boston Subway earlier on this month. Nay Khun, a fellow passenger was horrified by the sight and wanted to illicit a reaction from the police so he snapped a photo of this moment of passion and posted it on Twitter with the message “pervert on the 2nd car of the red line … help me report him“.

With the help of that photo, the offender was arrested a couple of days later and charged with open and gross lewdness. Thanks to Nay Khun, Boston Subway passengers have no in-cart entertainment.

Justin Bieber is a Bunny That Can Bite!

Teen Heartthrob and Twitter’s malignant trending topic showed the world that behind his demure the boy got spunk! After someone hacked the Twitter account of one his childhood friend, Justin sprang to the rescue and sought retribution by sending the following Tweet..

So Innocent

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