A Tribute to a Murderer by…. Facebook!

A recent article at dailymail.com.uk reveals David Cameron’s anger and utter disgust towards Facebook for allowing a tribute page to a murderer, Raoul Moat, to be activated and used on its site: ‘RIP Raoul Moat You Legend!’ page.

This “madness” comes a few weeks after the anger of the Pakistani community at Facebook for allowing a group called “Draw Mohammed Day” to be activated and publicized. With more and more of these mistakes I can’t help but wonder: “What the hell is Facebook thinking?”

Facebook & Twitter DO Help “Criminal Minds” Find You!

This post comes to you as a final warning, I am serious people, I will not talk about this subject again: Social media and social networking are fun but their dangers are greater than many of us expect or can even imagine!

Apart from their addictive nature, the hundreds of scams they facilitate, the way they make cheating easier and the fact that they have the power to promote and spread fascism, they also pose an eminent threat on our lives by making it easier for killers, thieves and perverts to stalk and even, may God forbid, get to us!

The TV Series “Criminal Minds” Brilliantly Tackles It:

Thousands of users out there chose to shut down their social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and even MySpace due to crimes committed by utilizing such sites. However, not everyone is taking the subject as seriously as they should be

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