10 Ways to Manage Your Social Media Staff

Managing new ventures usually takes on a different style from the “norm” and is often neglected. Often, certain aspects of employee motivation and control are not well planned thus leading to unsatisfied employees and an overall tensed working environment.

This phenomenon could be highly visible in your average office and even more noticeable in social media based companies, especially those with nothing but a virtual existence, where face-to-face communication with staff is rare and short-lived.

Managing Employees by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Managing Employees by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Therefore, from previous personal negative experiences in this regard, I would like to invite managers and employees working in social media to review my ideas of the top 10 ways to managing social media staff effectively.

1. Always keep a room for face-to-face communication:

It is always essential, even more so crucial, to keep room for face-to-face communication when working with social media whenever possible. By that, I don’t just mean regular meetings, I also mean Skype video conversations for those who are incapable of conducting offline meetings due to geographical locations or otherwise.

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Here is a list of my thoughts and humble analysis of the points mentioned in the video above:

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