4 App Ideas to Expect When Location-Tweets Hit Mainstream

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Trending Places

When people of Iran were enraged earlier this year, post the Iranian elections, people around the world were hooked on Twitter in order to get real-time news updates as it happened. Iranian authorities figured out the threat of Twitter, and sought after local Iranian twitterers based on their profile locations and time zone settings in order to shut them down. People around the world wanted to help those protesters, and started changing their own profiles to make it seem as if they all live in Iran in order to make Iranian authorities mission harder.

That is something from the past, 3 months have passed, today, Twitter is working on adding geo-locations to tweets which will allow us to signal the exact location of where we are tweeting from by allowing apps to attach our latitude and longitude coordinates to tweets we specifically choose to carry such information. That will sure open a whole new dimension to real-time location information.

4 applications you can expect when location-tweets hit mainstream…

What does real-time location tweets mean? and how will it affect our lives? We know that it raises privacy concerns for many legitimate reasons, but we also know that it can be the next big thing which will open the door for many useful applications to take advantage of, and thus we, here at Thoughtpick, decided to voice out what kind of applications we see hitting our doors in the near future:

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