Green is the New Black: A Mobile Campaign with Potential!

In fashion, black has always been “the trend”; it is a classic and never gets old, dull or boring.

Nowadays, I see green mobiles having the potential to turn into trendy and highly used and adopted phones, if special attention and clever strategic thinking are used to decide how they will be marketed, where and to whom.

Stay Connected, With a Cause!

As I read The Most Exciting Developments In Green Cell Phones, my interest in this category of mobile phones grew, encouraging me to find a unique and fresh approach to promote them in order to be a part of a bigger cause: helping the environment! I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a phone that uses solar power cells, non-toxic recyclable plastic and eco-friendly paints?

Sticky Phone concept by Liu Hsiang-Ling

Sticky Phone concept by Liu Hsiang-Ling

Since these phones are meant to reduce toxic waste without forcing you to give up your mobile communication habit – or even addiction, combining fashion, trend, creativity and eco friendliness in one product should be able to pay off depending on some major factors.

Dramatic Chipmunk Starring in New LG Campaign [video]

Yet another seemingly successful social media campaign brought to you by LG!

LG seem to have mastered the art of viral marketing with a campaign which promotes a $100k prize for the winner of their competition, and in turn, promotes their monitors.

It’s a campaign to be remembered! LG recreated the “Dramatic Chipmunk” and let the audience of the five videos, leading to the campaign site, follow him on a own trip around the world starting with the “Break Out”.

Advertising appeals used as their best! LG should be given kudos for their proper utilization of a combination of different appeals in addition to a valuable monetary prize:

  • The sex appeal (the woman)
  • The humor appeal (the chipmunk itself & the various scenes)
  • The emotional appeals (the children & the chipmunk)

What a combo!

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