Top 10 Ways to Take Revenge Using Social Media!

Last night I had a revelation, somehow I have to make you pay

It’s all about manipulation, and what it takes to get my way

I don’t believe in soft solutions, no one makes a fool of me

Without receiving retribution, no one hurts me and goes free…
~ Red Delicious

Allow me to begin this post by stating one simple fact: None of us are saints! I am sure that the idea of revenge have crossed and even more, played around in your minds at one point or another and for different reasons such being lied to, being back-stabbed, being stolen from, being humiliated and so on.

Revenge is Sweet!

Revenge is Sweet!

After writing my post on how social media makes cheating easier, and on the day I realized that I have been a victim of an ongoing lie for two years, a friend suggested that I write a post listing the ways social media can help someone take revenge through social media, as a part of my healing process!

Therefore, and in efforts to draw a smile on your face, and share with you some of my evil yet never executed ideas, I present you with the Top 10 Ways to Take Revenge Using Social Media:

1. Publicize Images through Flickr:

As wicked as this may sound, sometimes the pain you feel when betrayed is overpowering and it sucks you into a sick cycle where you feel trapped and you search for any way to feel better. Posting images on Flickr of someone who stole from you or who betrayed your work partnership, with a caption or brief describing what happened, not only has the power to help you heal, but also allows other people to watch out from falling into the same trap!

Revenge on Flickr: Eat This! By raktfram

Revenge on Flickr: Eat This! By raktfram

8 Tips to help you Become a LinkedIn Power User…

Business Networking

Linked In: Business Networking

LinkedIn seems like the middle child of social networking, and is a hugely underrated site. The fact that it’s a “zero cost” business networking tool should definitely play to its advantage and it will surely hit its prime in the future. Like everybody else, the only reason I got to join LinkedIn is because I kept on getting invitations to it until I gave in and gave it a shot. I spent a few hours filling up my profile and adding connections; the whole business only approach was very appealing and a fresh change from the very personal nature of Facebook. Some even argue that it’s not even a social network.

The goal of every business is to be ahead of the curve. To help bring up to speed on how to use LinkedIn effectively, here are several tips and tricks to help you become a LinkedIn power user.

Tip 1. Connect With People You Have Met

Adding connections to your network will definitely make you more visible. Make sure to add people that you meet in real life to your network. It might be a good idea to include a mention of your LinkedIn profile on your business card since it will serve as a reminder to others to add you. Also be sure to send a custom message of invitation to others because reading the same generic message of invitation gets old really quickly.

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Women have the ability to get things done faster than men, through multitasking, and women are clearly competitive amongst each other. These are facts that are scientifically proven in more than one article and study and both in real life and virtually!

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