Honda + Car Town Game = Awesome Social Gaming Campaign

On a weekly basis, we present to you social media campaigns which we find interesting. We research them, analyze them and break them down into valuable information, tips and lessons which could be helpful to you when designing your next new social media hit.

However, this time we have a new flavor which comes in a combo form: a social media campaign which depends on a viral and spreadable application to attract its audience!

“Honda Motor Corp.’s campaign for its new CR-Z car features the hybrid vehicle in some colorful roadside billboards that can’t be seen from a freeway.” ~ Bloomberg

Honda Takes Social Gaming for a Test Drive

Car Town Application on Facebook

To promote the U.S. launch of its latest sport hybrid coupe, the Honda CR-Z, the company initiated a two-month advertising campaign in Car Town, a newly released Facebook game that allows players to use virtual currency to purchase, customize and store hundreds of vehicles in their own virtual garages. Players can then use these vehicles to take road trips and complete challenges to earn points to purchase additional vehicles and car-related products and services.

: 4/5
: 5/5
: 5/5
: No
: 4/5

Honda Accord Crosstour — Learn Social Media by.. Failure

Ugly? or Fugly?

Ugly? or Fugly?

It’s time to talk about a campaign that failed miserably. This is one of those!

Given the amount of money and time that goes into designing a new car it is easy to get blind-sighted by your own ego and lose the ability to evaluate your product objectively. It also didn’t help much that the marketing wheel of the industry was a closed loop and controlled for limiting any dissenting view of a new product.

Car manufacturers had a fairly simple marketing cycle for their cars, they would unveil their cars at international shows, have specialized publications which depended on handouts from the industry review their cars and make sure that the reviews are gentle and not scathing, and then wait for the people to decide with their bucks whether the car will flop or not.

The internet and social media changed everything, now everyone and anyone is a critic and if you are at the bad side of your audience on the internet then the whole world will know about it. So when car manufacturers like Ford and Honda tested the waters of social media marketing some of them forgot that on social media the audience is in control.

: 0/5
: 4/5
: 0/5
: Yes
: 5/5

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