New Apple iMac, MacBook and a Magical “Touch-Sensitive” Mouse [video]

In preparation for the holiday season, Apple unveiled today some new products: impressive faster high end  iMacs with larger 16:9 displays with higher pixel density and flatter edges, a redesigned MacBook with a 7-hour battery, and a new mouse that’s as touch sensitive as is your iPhone! The mouse has generated much buzz over the web with its futuristic look and new touch functionality.

For more information about the new Apple products, check out:

  • Magic Mouse description, images and videos at
  • The new iMac gallery and specifications at
  • The new MacBook with the stronger new unibody, longer battery duration and better display screen.

Did today’s announcement of Apple’s new products add something to your shopping (or wish) list? It did for me; I just hope this mouse works on Windows!

Blackberry Storm Vs. iPhone 3G: Should Social Media Be the Judge?

Is social media turning into one of the main reasons for purchasing trendy, fashionable and tech products these days? How dependent are we becoming on social media channels when it comes to purchasing decisions? Is it fair to solely depend on social media channels such as Youtube in order to decide whether to purchase a certain product or its competitor?

I somewhat feel nostalgic for the good old days when all we needed was a couple or more simple radio or TV ads in order to make purchasing decisions of either cheap or expensive products and services. Back then, things were too easy and so much less burdened with the complications of having many choices and competing ads yearning for our attention!

Yet again, at those times, we were “ignorant” customers, unaware of all the ins and outs of advertising and the tricks and games of marketing! As we stepped into the world wide web and Web 2.0 at a later stage, purchasing decisions became harder, nevertheless, more conscious!

Depending on Social Media:

After watching the Blackberry Storm vs. the iPhone 3G ad campaigns, and as I eagerly listened to Jon Rettinger’s comparison and analysis of the two products, trying to decide which device to purchase. Right then and there, it struck me: What would I have done without Youtube? How could I have made the “right” decision about this particular purchase if I didn’t have this complete analysis of the features each of those phones had?

In a way, I feel that we are growing dependent on social media in many decisions that effect us on a personal level: the money we spend, the people we meet and the things we discuss. Social media channels have not only developed into a medium for two-way interactive communication and entertainment, they are turning into influencers and some sort of decision makers!

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