Down with the Machines! [a geeky poem]

A few days ago, I felt the need to express the highly negative feelings I had towards the “machines” in general, including the tools and features they provide which to me seem to be replacing the real value and depth of overall human relationships and communication. Therefore, I wrote an article on my personal blog entitled “Down with the Machines”.

Since this topic is greatly correlated with our overall theme here at Thoughtpick, we decided to reblog it here and share it with our fans and readers. Enjoy!

This crazy trend of using “machines” in order to fulfill almost every aspect of our daily lives is becoming highly annoying and rather ridiculous! May they be computers, playstations, phones, cars, or any other electricity or fuel consuming, time wasting, people separating devices, the machines are taking over us!

Therefore, for my latest piece of machine generated “art”, I present you with: Down with the Machines!
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