Apple’s iPad is Causing Workers to Kill Themselves!

I am a HUGE Fan of Apple and its wide range of products, especially when it comes to the Macbook Pro and the iPod. However, the following disturbing piece of latest news might change my desire to be affiliated to Apple at any level, that is if it is true (and not just some marketing ploy by Microsoft to damage Apple’s reputation!)

“Apple manufacturer Foxconn was taking extraordinary measures Wednesday to safeguard its business and workers following a spate of suicides at its sprawling plant in southern China.”

Here’s something even more interesting: Workers have reportedly been told to sign letters promising not to kill themselves and even agreeing to be sent to psychiatric institutions if they appear to be in an “abnormal mental or physical state for the protection of myself and others”.

The suicides have raised questions about conditions for millions of factory workers in China, especially at Foxconn, where labor activists and employees say long hours, low pay and high pressure are the norm.

Tired Workers at the Apple Manufacturing Factories

Tired Workers at the Apple Manufacturing Factories

Sociology of Apple Products – Brain-Engaging Retrofuturistic Art

Apple. Sociology. Illustration. Technology. Design. Semiotics. Geekdom.

What the hell do all these things have in common? Well, nothing, really. But French artist/designer/culture-fanatic Stéphane Massa-Bidal somehow managed to shove all these ideas together in some super blender and to actually come up with art. ART.

Beautiful, geeky art. Exactly the kind that we ThoughtPick staff find fascinating.

Before we delve, here is the series “The Sociology of Apple Objects” by French artist Stéphane Massa-Bidal.

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