The Social Network: Where Are They Now?

The Social Network has been received extremely well by critics across the boar, earning a 97% from Rotten Tomato and being compared to classics such as ‘Citizen Kane‘ and ‘Rashomon‘ . The movie is superbly directed and the script is impeccably written, and hell, even Justin Timberlake gave a solid performance in his role of Napster creator, Sean Parker. However, after watching the movie – which you should if you haven’t – you are left with two lingering questions: How true are the events depicted in the movie and what happened to all those people?

In our previous post, we went over some the factual errors that bend and distort the truths in the story of Facebook’s inception. In this part, we will be going over where are the characters now.

Mark Zuckerberg

Well, I think he dropped the “I’m CEO Bitch” from his business card but he definitely is the CEO of Facebook and still at the top of his game. While the movie paints Mark as the social awkward borderline asperger nerd, in reality he’s much more normal than that, except for being one of the youngest billionaires on earth. You can see him below talking about the early days of Facebook in an interview with the Business Insider, and he seems perfectly normal – though he never blinks!

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