First Dutch #Twedding… Who’s Next?

“Will you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband till… Twitter do you part?”

Apparently, traditional wedding are going out of style and social media is becoming the way to go!

A week ago, Holland witnessed the events of the first wedding concluded via Twitter: The groom-to-be proposed via Twitter and the bride-to-be accepted in the same way. They invited people via Twitter and the actual wedding ceremony could be followed via Twitter as well.

Take a look at the video below (it’s in Dutch yet a picture says a thousand words!)

Dutch Twedding!

Divorce: What’s Facebook Got to Do with It?

Example of Facebook relationship status

Social media opens the door to many topics, issues and problems which many of us are unaware of. Recently, while checking out my Facebook account, something triggered my trail of thoughts and I started wondering: How does Facebook affect the decision to get a divorce? What implications does divorce have on a Facebook user thinking of getting a divorce after adding wedding pictures and changing the relationship status to “married”?

These questions and many more got me very interested in researching more about the topic. To my surprise, I was also made aware that there are other investigated issues pertaining to divorce and Facebook. For example, divorce lawyers thrive on cases where Facebook plays an important role in building the divorce case: “Forgot to de-friend your wife on Facebook while posting vacation shots of your mistress? Her divorce lawyer will be thrilled“. One law firm, which specializes in divorce, claimed almost one in five petitions they processed cited Facebook.

Even suspicious spouses seem to have resorted to Facebook for finding evidence of flirting and even affairs which have led to divorce!

A Different Perspective:

Putting aside how Facebook could be used to build a divorce case or even discover evidence of affairs, I think Facebook also plays a hidden role in people’s decision to get a divorce, especially in the case of women. It seems to me that once your status update changes from single to married, it is never the same to go back!

This poses a problem. A very big problem if I may add. Since it seems to be more of a scandal to get a divorce these days, I think many people might actually be married and miserable or might even resort to having affairs just so they won’t face the world (on their Facebook) with the decision of divorce! Scary thought!

HOW TO: 10 Tips to Save Your Relationships Online

Although social media can definitely cause you to lose your job, become a victim of revenge and can even be the reason why you lose friends, I see that in return, social media can gear you up to help in a cause or even save a relationship!

Lebanon’s Civil Marriage Not Civil War — Social Media in Action!

“Civil marriage, not civil war” was among the banners carried by the mostly young, educated protesters who gathered in response to a campaign on Internet social networking sites. It was Lebanon’s first such demonstration in favor of secularism.

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