“I’m With Coco” – Learn Social Media by Example

Disclaimer: The quotation marks in the title are definitely quotation marks. I have to make it clear before I proceed that there’s no way in hell that I will ever appreciate Conan O’Brien’s nonexistent sense of humor, and I couldn’t care less if he goes off TV or not. With that said, I admit that I’m still surprised that the level of support that Coco has garnered from social media might as well be compared to the Internets reactions to Haiti, Obama, and — gasp — even MJ.

Conan O’Brien, funny or not?

I have seen this campaign scattered all across the Internet, from the Facebook profile pictures to Kuwaiti blogs.

The Idea & Objectives

I'm With Coco poster

I'm With Coco poster

As organic social media campaigns often are, this campaign became viral quite by accident. When Mike Mitchell, a huge Conan O’Brien fan, tweeted a link to a poster he created in support of Coco as a reaction to the Conan O’Brien/Jay Leno debacle.

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