South Park on Facebook – Hilarious yet True

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched South Park Season 14 Episode 4, you can bookmark this page and read it later.

I have been a fan of South Park ever since it came out, and it has always astonished me by how they tend to always be relevant to current events and always take an insightful and refreshing look at things. So when I heard that they are going to tackle Facebook in one of this season’s episodes I was thrilled and knew that Trey Parker and Matt Stone will take their scalpels and dissect Facebook gently and humorously, and last week when I watched the episode it didn’t disappoint.

As always with every South Park episode I ended up laughing hysterically, but I also came out with several lessons out of it.

Social Media Networks are just masked dating sites

No words are truer than the ones that come out of Cartman’s mouth, and one of those statements cut through the core purpose of why most men use Facebook. Facebook is just a nice way to stalkĀ  your female interests and keep up with them, so that’s why the statement “Chick friends are worth almost triple what dude friends are!” couldn’t be truer.

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