Catfish: A Social Networking Movie Worth Watching

Seems like Social Networking movies are the ‘IT’ thing in Hollywood this season, but here comes along a documentary that actually makes its viewers think about their social interactions on the web.

Filmmakers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost sensed a story and decided to document a budding friendship between Ariel’s brother Nev, a 24 year old photographer from New York City, with Abby (8 years old) and her sister Megan (19 years old) from rural Michigan. The story starts with Abby contacting Nev via Facebook, asking for his permission to make a painting from one of his photographs, then we follow Nev as his friendship develops and he and the filmmakers decide to pay the girls a visit at their farm in Michigan. This is as much of a synopsis as I can give without spoiling the movie for you but its a well written thriller and you will certainly stay on your toes during the second half of the movie with plot twists and climaxes that will leave you thinking about them for days!

So, unlike The Social Network and Twitter movies this one will actually deliver on being something more than just a gimmick and gives us and entertaining movie experience, so I totally recommend that you go and see it. It was released nation-wide in the United States on September 17th. If you have already watched it, let us know what you think.

Quirky News of the Web — August 2010

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There are always smaller headlines that tend to go unnoticed. They are the headlines that let us know how individualistic and unique some of the interactions on the web can be, and how much social media is shaping our world in ways that we could not have fathomed 20 years ago.

Therefore, the Quirky News of the Web section will be dedicated to those pieces of news that might go unnoticed but still pack quite the punch.

Twitter: The Latest Crime Fighting Tool


A flasher started getting intimate with himself on a Boston Subway earlier on this month. Nay Khun, a fellow passenger was horrified by the sight and wanted to illicit a reaction from the police so he snapped a photo of this moment of passion and posted it on Twitter with the message “pervert on the 2nd car of the red line … help me report him“.

With the help of that photo, the offender was arrested a couple of days later and charged with open and gross lewdness. Thanks to Nay Khun, Boston Subway passengers have no in-cart entertainment.

Justin Bieber is a Bunny That Can Bite!

Teen Heartthrob and Twitter’s malignant trending topic showed the world that behind his demure the boy got spunk! After someone hacked the Twitter account of one his childhood friend, Justin sprang to the rescue and sought retribution by sending the following Tweet..

So Innocent

Twitter Happiness Visualized [Video] — MI always pissed off?

Here is an interesting video depicting how the mood for US tweeps changes across the span of a work day. The map is morphed to depict the number of tweeps from each state rather than the area in what is called a cartogram. It might that surprising that most people are at their lowest during their midday or midweek or that the west coast is the happiest place in the US while the midwest is the most sour. What is really surprising is that Michigan is always pissed off! Cheer up Wolverines!

Augmented Reality Campaigns — Learn Social Media by Example

There is a new marketing landscape that is starting to form with internet ads and campaigns. According to data from the Pew Research center 40% of internet users claim to have “never” clicked on ad on the web, and 77% of them totally ignore those ads. Given the reluctance of internet users to click on internet ads, and their habitual ignorance of their existence marketers have been trying to find out new ways and tricks to engage them and make their ads more appealing for internet users.

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