HOW TO: Use the New Facebook Groups Feature

A few months ago, I heard that Facebook released their new groups feature and, to be honest, I was confused about this announcement. People have always been able to create groups to share their interests and obsessions, so how is this a new feature? Actually, for a while now it seemed that the group feature is on its deathbed being pushed out in favor of the fanpage.

After a little digging, I realized that Facebook has a clear naming issue at hand, what they meant with groups are more like personal groups for users much like Twitter lists and, at the release of the service, it was actually labeled as “create a new list”!

Have I lost you? Well, let me give you an analogy. Remember when you first started using Facebook where only people you really wanted to stay in touch with were on it, and you felt free to share with them your pictures and status updates without a worry about either security or privacy and how that feeling was completely ruined when everyone and their kitchen sink became your friend on Facebook? Well, groups help you regain that private space by allowing you to select a group of your friends that you would like to share updates, photos and documents privately (or if you like openly) that is separate from your main profile effectively creating a mini-Facebook profile within Facebook.

The Counter BP Social Media Campaign

The BP oil spill has been a PR nightmare for the company and they have been working hard on organizing a social media campaign to counter and ameliorate the public’s view of the brand. The public, on the other hand, have used social media in very creative and effective ways to shine light on certain aspects of the disaster and express their scorn for the BP brand and how they have handled things with one misstep after the other.

We will be looking at how the public manifested its psyche on several different social media fronts:


Twitter has been at the forefront of taking jabs at BP, The fake BP Public Relations account – @BPGlobalPRhas been a run away hit with fans and has been taking sophomoric jabs at the company and providing its fans with the highest quality of satire. The account has almost three times as many followers as BP’s official Twitter account. To BP’s credit, they have reacted greatly to the satirical nature of the account and didn’t wage a crusade against it. Some even go as far as saying that the account is managed by BP’s real PR to lighten up the atmosphere around the company’s name.

5 Ways Social Media Can Cost You Your Relationship!

People have definitely warmed up to the idea of living an online life, where every detail of their mundane lives are posted on the web. It is certainly an exciting new world that we are living in these days but some couples are starting to find out that what happens between them doesn’t always stay that way. Across the generational lines people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s and over are trying to deal with these issues in their own way but they can mostly agree about some certain “No, No’s” that are deal breakers for anyone in a relationship in the Social media age.

Google Bites Into Social Media With Google Buzz

Google is unleashing its sharp teeth on to social media, with its latest service, aptly called Buzz, which integrates with Gmail.

Top 10 Hottest Male Geeks on the Web!

Top 10 Hottest Male Geeks on the Web!

David Karp - Founder of Tumblr

The two Thoughtpick ladies decided to spice things up a bit for you and bring those handsome irresistible geeks to you within a top ten list and introduce you to them!

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