Google Wave: Revolutionizing Collaboration but Will the Wave Crash?

Since Google Wave’s unveiling in May, it was quite interesting to try to figure out heads or tails of how the application will be received once it’s released. And now, we are inching closer and closer to when it opens for the general public. Closed Beta testing has been open for a few chosen developers who have been actively providing feedback on Google products. Will Wave be able to create a tsunami upon its release?

So what is Wave?

Wave, in the word of its co-creator, Lars Rasmussen:

Google Wave

Google Wave

“Here’s how it works: In Google Wave you create a wave and add people to it. Everyone on your wave can use richly formatted text, photos, gadgets, and even feeds from other sources on the web. They can insert a reply or edit the wave directly. It’s concurrent rich-text editing, where you see on your screen nearly instantly what your fellow collaborators are typing in your wave. That means Google Wave is just as well suited for quick messages as for persistent content — it allows for both collaboration and communication. You can also use “playback” to rewind the wave and see how it evolved.”

Wave’s Engulfing The Islands of  Sharepoint & Lotus

Given that we trust Google to provide us with intuitive user interfaces within a very low learning curve, its entry into the corporate world will be quite smooth and exponential – if we only consider those two facets – more about that later on.

The threat it poses is probably the greatest to IBM and Microsoft’s collaborative Business software. Combined with the other Google services and its source nature, it promises to take cloud computing and social networking to the next level.

Mac Snow Leopard vs. Microsoft Windows 7 on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook & Blogs…

Research has found that items which become popular first will tend to be more popular than other items with similar appeal.” was a comment left on the previous social media wars article.

Based on the above opinion statement, do you think social media is becoming the main driving force behind purchasing trendy, fashionable and tech products these days? How much actual power does social media have on our purchasing decisions? Is it fair to solely depend on web marketing and social media channels (such as Youtube, Twitter and Facebook) in order to decide whether to purchase a certain brand or its competitor?

Just as I did in the previous social media wars episodes (Blackberry Storm Vs. iPhone 3G) and (Dell vs. Toshiba), this post will entail a detailed study of the use of social media to promote Mac’s Snow Leopard and Microsoft’s Windows 7, followed by a brief discussion on problems and solutions with the current used social media methodologies.

Microsoft Windows 7 vs Mac Snow Leopard

Microsoft Windows 7 vs Mac Snow Leopard

Introduction Brief…

In one of the comments on a previous social media wars episode, a reader said, and I quote: “I buy things based on need, not based on if they look cool or if advertising tells me that its what I need“. But is this statement 100% true? I highly doubt it!

Product and service competitions existed long before the emergence of social media, yet they were not this fierce and “bloody”! Furthermore, many products and services were customized according to customer needs rather than being designed in order to over shine a certain competitive product or service!

Now, when it comes to Apple and Microsoft’s ongoing competition, and although Apple has gained a lot of market share from “the perception that Vista sucks” in addition to its “ability to manipulate the perceptions of both Microsoft’s and its own offerings“, it seems that the table might turn and Windows 7 might actually win the race!

What Role Does Social media Play in this Equation?

Apparently, the perception of quality and value have shifted into a different direction since the people started heavily relying on social media to make their product or service comparisons and purchasing decisions. Whether it be the Facebook fan page or group, the Twitter account or the Youtube clip views, other factors have now become filtering agents in the decision making process.

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Is piracy really what’s preventing Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft from taking the full advantage of the market? Or is it the lack of consideration of the religious and cultural differences between the East and the West?

Mac Uses Comedy & Characters to Overpower Microsoft!

Mac Uses Comedy & Characters to Overpower Microsoft!

Timeline of Macintosh Models

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