MindJolt Games — Apps Using Social Media Brilliantly!

This new series of articles on Thoughtpick – Apps Using SM Brilliantly – will be looking into examples of tricks and methods that online games and applications are using to make the most of social media. In other words, what is making those apps as “spreadable” and “viral” as they are.

The Application:

MindJolt games gives users the chance to play any of the many Arcade, Puzzle, Strategy and Sports games they offer for free.

In terms of statistics, MindJolt has around 19,689,057 monthly active users on Facebook and an increasing number of 3,716,635 fans!

Take a look at the number of likes and comments one wall post on their Facebook page got:

Proof of MindJolts' Loyal Fans!

What They Did:

MindJolt games were developed in a way to attract users to play by themselves and share their scores and achievements. More importantly, they also focused on the social media side of the equation by allowing, and even encouraging, their users to challenge friends:

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