We’ve just moved. Come have a look!

Note to our Blogger followers: Please remove the ‘blogspot.com’ blog from your follow list, and follow this new blog.

We just finished the final touches, and the new WordPress blog is now up and running. All old links are now permanently redirected to their respective URLs on this new blog. I’m hoping that all our readers will be able to easily find our new blog.

We just moved from Blogger to WordPress!

We just moved from Blogger to WordPress!

If you are reading this via a RSS feed subscription, click through and come have a look, we’d like to hear your opinion about our new design and blog features. Let us know if we missed anything :).

Notice the new features:

  • The ‘ReTweet This’ button of TweetMeme next to each post
  • The DISQUS comments – if you commented and haven’t claimed your comments, try it out.
  • Because we are using DISQUS now, you can subscribe to any person’s comments all over the Web. Just click on any user’s comment image, surf to his/her profile, and subscribe to the feeds.
  • The new design and layout, of course.
  • We have trackbacks enabled now!
  • You can subscribe via FeedBurner to all comments, as well as the same link to the posts feeds.
  • An many more tiny features here and there…

Stay tune for more great articles from Fadi and Beirut…

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