Top Youtube Videos of 2010

2010 has been an amazing year when it comes to Youtube, they have expanded to an even wider audience and cemented themselves as a valid platform for hosting some of the most innovative and successful marketing campaigns of the year.

To commemorate the year, Youtube Trends has released Rewind, a time-line celebrating the major milestones, events and – in certain cases – tragedies of the year. They also have compiled the top 10 amateur videos that have been submitted to Youtube based on the number of videos.

While I was surprised that those damn annoying oranges managed to rack so many damn views or how I have heard or watched Gymkhana’s videos before today, beyond that, the chart had little surprises or gems that we haven’t heard out. Those hidden gems, and videos that managed to rack millions but were out of reach for still many more, managed to shine in the top videos of each category.

HTML5 + Google Street View = Music Video 2.0

The indie rock band from Toronto is no stranger to innovative and interesting music videos, their “Neon Bible” web music video was thoroughly amusing but its innovation is dwarfed by their latest release “We Used To Wait”.

The Arcade Fire

In this video, The Arcade Fire and Director Chris Milk create a holistically personalized music video  experience and they utilized HTML 5 technology to deliver it. The video starts by asking you to input your childhood home address after which it will pull images from Google Earth, and Google Street view and age them in order to incorporate them into their video giving the entire soundtrack a nostalgic feel. Midway through the video, the user is provided with the opportunity to write a postcard to the current resident of their childhood home bringing us full circle in our thoughts of how it felt to grow-up in our childhood home. There are also a few Easter eggs around the website as well.

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