First Dutch #Twedding… Who’s Next?

“Will you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband till… Twitter do you part?”

Apparently, traditional wedding are going out of style and social media is becoming the way to go!

A week ago, Holland witnessed the events of the first wedding concluded via Twitter: The groom-to-be proposed via Twitter and the bride-to-be accepted in the same way. They invited people via Twitter and the actual wedding ceremony could be followed via Twitter as well.

Take a look at the video below (it’s in Dutch yet a picture says a thousand words!)

Dutch Twedding!

“3 out of 4 Tips via Twitter” – Dutch Chief of Police

Around a year ago, I wrote a post called Social Media Forces Helping Police Clean Up Psychos. In a nutshell, the post was about a few occurrences where Twitter and blogs seem to have saved the day through relaying information about criminals!

Now, this phenomenon seems to be spreading more and more and even the police started to depend on social media in their quest for capturing criminals and unveiling the truth. Here’s the latest story:

A chief of police in Holland wrote on his blog, he believes that, within a few years, Twitter will be more important than TV when asking the public to help them solve crimes/find criminals. He refers to a case of the recent assault of a 13-year old where three quarters all of all tips were received through Twitter and led to the imminent arrest of the alleged culprit.

Apparently, the impact of Twitter vs. the television was highly impressive, even to the police themselves were amazed!

Dutch Police on Twitter by Town [translated from Dutch]

Dutch Police on Twitter by Town (translated from Dutch)

If you can read Dutch, here’s a link to the main article (since I could not find it in English and the translation is weak): Click here.

Otherwise, I would love to hear your opinion about this: Does this piece of news encourage you to create a Twitter account? Do you feel safer that the police have more backup now that the social media “forces” are here?

Looking forward to reading your feedback in the comments section :)

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