Got a Minute To Fix Urban America?

Connecting the denizens with their representatives is one of the foundations of democracy, and currently one of the best ways a citizen can communicate his problems, issues and concerns is through a town hall meeting. However, to be able to attend town hall meetings, you will have to dedicate the time and the energy to do so and hence only the people who are truly affected by an issue, or are on the polar extremes of it, end up making it to the town hall meeting.

Therefore, instead of establishing a calm environment for discussion and achieving a representative opinion on an issue, we have a very likely situation in which the debate is reduced to screamed sound bites.

Got a Minute?

To tackle this issue and to be gather a more representative opinion on issues concerning the urban citizens of the United states, the Give a Minute! Campaign has been lunched in Chicago at the end of December with plans to spread to Memphis, NY and San Jose.

: 2/5
: 1/5
: 3/5
: No
: 2/5

Underheard in New York: Listening to the Homeless Tweet

There are thousands of homeless people around the world, with no one to listen to their voices, share with them their dreams or sooth their fears…. This is why the “Underheard in New York” initiative began.

Idea & Objectives:

Underheard in New York is an initiative to help homeless New Yorkers speak for themselves through Twitter. “In a time when communication is all around us, we felt it was necessary to give a voice to the people who needed it most. Between Jan. 2009 and Jan. 2010 the total number of unsheltered individuals within New York City rose an estimated 34%.

Four homeless people — Danny (@putodanny), Derrick (@awitness2011), Albert (@albert814) and Carlos (@jessie550) — were given their own prepaid cell phone, a month of unlimited text messaging and a Twitter account.

The 4 Tweeting Homeless Men

The 4 Tweeting Homeless Men

: 2/5
: 2/5
: 4/5
: No
: 4/5

Catfish: A Social Networking Movie Worth Watching

Filmmakers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost sensed a story and decided to document a budding friendship between Ariel’s brother Nev,a 24 year old photographer from New York City, with Abby (8 years old) and her sister Megan (19 years old) from rural Michigan. The story starts with Abby contacting Nev via Facebook, asking for his permission to make a painting from one of his photographs, then we follow Nev as his friendship develops and he and the filmmakers decide to pay the girls a visit at their farm in Michigan. This as much of a synopsis as I can give without spoiling the movie for you but its a well written thriller and you will certainly be kept on your toes during the second half of the movie with plot twists and climaxes that will leave you thinking about them for days.

Facebook New Privacy Settings… Better Now?!

Finally! Facebook has caved in and revamped their privacy system and settings in hopes of resolving some of its privacy woes. Hopefully this new system will save some hapless chaps and gals from loosing their jobs because they can’t help themselves when it comes to over sharing.

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