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Top 10 Smartphones of 2010 [video]

The iPhone took the world of smart phones by storm and set new standards for these smart small portable devices. Other companies have been looking at Apple with envy eyes and trying over and over again to come up with an iPhone killer.

In the past few months we have witnessed the launching of some real good phones like Motorola’s Droid and Blackberry’s Storm 2, other companies have been following suit and launching their own versions of smart phones. 2010 sounds like a promising year for this market, let’s look into what will be big in the coming year. iPhone 3GS, Motorola Driod, Nokia and Blackberry videos are already flooding the social media, and fighting over the touch-screen do-it-all smart phone market share.

The video should give you a good idea of how the phones look and handle, and our summary below lists each phone’s main features briefly.

Top 10 Smartphones of 2010

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