The Blacklist: Google’s Response to Defamation Conviction

Google, Google, Google: What have you done to piss the French off?

Only some days ago, a Paris court convicted US search engine giant Google and its chief executive, Eric Schmidt, of defamation over results from its “suggest” function. The new function, which suggests options as you type in a word, brought up the words “rapist” and “satanist” when the plaintiff’s name was typed into the search engine, reported.

The court ordered Google to make a symbolic payment of one euro in damages and take measures to ensure they could be no repeat of the offense.

Google’s Reaction:

Google's Blacklist

Google's Blacklist

After reading Mashable’s article which was published only a few days after the conviction, I think that Google is trying really hard to fix this problem and avoid further convictions by monitoring and regulating its instant suggestions with: Google’s Blacklist.

Top 10 Ridiculous yet Freakishly Popular Facebook Pages! [Episode 2]

Once again, to spice up your day, and allow you to be an eye witness for the naivety of some people out there, I present you with the Top 10 Ridiculous yet Alarmingly Popular Facebook Fanpages!

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1. “The guy who discovered milk….What was he doing with that cow?” Fanpage

Tagline: So what was he doing?

Likes: 1,307,344 People Like This

The guy who discovered milk....What was he doing with that cow?

Username: @xadultfinder – Action: Unfollow! More Twitter Tips…

Apart for the Twitter avatar and background, what would influence your choice of people to follow on Twitter? How many Twitter users have you unfollowed due to their user names? What is the best method for companies to benefit from Twitter user names?

What Does Your Twitter Avatar & Background Say About YOU?

Do you think your Twitter avatar and background have an impact on how your current and potential followers view you? Can using an “inappropriate” avatar or background actually be a reason to lower the number Twitter users interested in following you or even attract the “wrong” type of followers?

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