10 Fantastic Free Mac Apps to Treat Yourself to This Christmas

Boost your Mac with this list of some of the best free software out there, handpicked to make your life easier, quicker, and more efficient. A surefire way to holiday happiness, if you know what we mean.

1. Quicksilver:

Free Mac Apps Quicksilver Screenshot


Quicksilver is a Mac launcher that is really not only a launcher: it is the Mac Swiss Army Knife. If you’re going to download any software from this list, it should be this one, which many refer to as the greatest Mac app of all time. From the comfort of its little elegant application, you can manage iTunes, take screenshots, control windows, define words, tweet, convert units, post to FriendFeed, search any website… (do we really have to go on?)

It boosts productivity by twofold, and has a great plugin library that enhances its performance even further. [Learn How to Use Quicksilver]

Download Quicksilver

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