HOW TO: 10 Ways You Can Contribute to the Climate Change Movement #BAD09

Note: This post was published on the 15th of October to support the Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change.

The clock is ticking; time is running fast. On one hand, we can’t really predict when will the tipping point be; the point where we are left out helpless and can’t reverse the damage inflicted on our planet. On the other hand, only little time is left before Copenhagen’s global summit that will take place on December; little time for us to solve the conflict of interests between the different countries around the world. Copenhagen may be our last chance to pull ourselves together and come up with a decent treaty that would save thing planet.

What can we do now? and how can we contribute to the movement and build up awareness for the summit? That’s what we’ll be covering in this post.

1. Use Twibbon to add “TckTckTck” to your Twitter Avatar



Twibbon is an easy way to promote awareness about your cause on Twitter. It adds an overlay to supporters’ profile images (avatars) so that everyone else can see it.  Tck Tck Tck movement is trying to gather enough people from around the world to raise their voices and help pushing leaders into taking needed courageous acts. Tck Tck Tck came up with a cool Twibbon that you can add to your avatar and show support. So far, there are 732 twitter profiles with TckTckTck ribbon.

2.  Join

35o is a global movement that conducts different events around the world to spread awareness about climate change. They are calling for an international day of climate action that will take place in 9 days – on 24 October -. Currently there are 2367 planned actions in 153 country around the world – Make sure you’re a part of it!

3. Organize an offline event and promote it via Facebook

Facebook is a great tool to organize events. If you didn’t find any interesting event close to your home town on website, then it may be a good idea for you to organize your own event. Use Facebook and gather people around this cause… be initiative.

Law & Lawsuits: Legal Systems Limiting Freedom on the Internet!

“When you break the big laws, you do not get freedom; you do not even get anarchy. You get the small laws”. GK Chesterton

The small laws, the big laws, the rightful laws, the new laws, the old laws and so on; the wide list of law descriptive terms is endless! Yet, when it comes to freedom, especially over a loose medium such as the Internet, there is but one question one should ask: Are the laws unlawfully limiting the freedom of individuals using the Internet?

The answer is a definite YES!

Using the Law to Limit Cyber Freedom…



Hundreds of reported stories and news articles, dated back to the past 5 years and leading up to this day, demonstrate how the law has been negatively influencing our overall freedom of thought and expression. Furthermore, and in many cases, it was reported that the law was manipulated to sue individuals who might not even be involved in the alleged accusations in efforts to reap financial gains or shield big corporations!

I would like to ask you to accompany me through a list of stories I have found online, and which perfectly illustrate how our freedom is being constricted, slowly but surely, over the Internet and its channels:

1. Judge orders Google to deactivate Gmail account

August 12, 2009, a Gmail user mistakenly receives confidential financial information from “a bank”. September 24, 2009, U.S. District Court Judge James Ware orders Google to deactivate the user’s account!

4 App Ideas to Expect When Location-Tweets Hit Mainstream

Twitter will roll out a new feature that adds locations to tweets. That opens the door for developers to innovate and come up with new applications to take advantage of the new feature. We list some of the ideas we have in mind and look forward to the innovation of the developers.

Username: @xadultfinder – Action: Unfollow! More Twitter Tips…

Apart for the Twitter avatar and background, what would influence your choice of people to follow on Twitter? How many Twitter users have you unfollowed due to their user names? What is the best method for companies to benefit from Twitter user names?

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