A Case for Asking People to Keep Their Mobiles ON

Too often when attending talks or conferences, people are asked to turn off their cellphones in order to not disturb the environment there. While I do agree that hearing an out-of-tune symphony ring tone is annoying to say the least, and I encourage asking people to put their phones on silent, I also think that people should encourage the attendees to keep their phones ON and share their experience with the world.

This is by far the best case I’ve seen for this argument, because nowadays anything that doesn’t make a blip on social media, at least locally, was not worth holding and went completely unnoticed.

What do you think about encouraging people to share their experiences in conferences and meetings? Share with us your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

HTML5 + Google Street View = Music Video 2.0

The indie rock band from Toronto is no stranger to innovative and interesting music videos, their “Neon Bible” web music video was thoroughly amusing but its innovation is dwarfed by their latest release “We Used To Wait”.

The Arcade Fire

In this video, The Arcade Fire and Director Chris Milk create a holistically personalized music video  experience and they utilized HTML 5 technology to deliver it. The video starts by asking you to input your childhood home address after which it will pull images from Google Earth, and Google Street view and age them in order to incorporate them into their video giving the entire soundtrack a nostalgic feel. Midway through the video, the user is provided with the opportunity to write a postcard to the current resident of their childhood home bringing us full circle in our thoughts of how it felt to grow-up in our childhood home. There are also a few Easter eggs around the website as well.

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