18 Top Free Twitter Content Sharing Services Based on Compete Analytics…

The days of sharing content solely via e-mail are gone, nowadays, there are newer, more advanced and faster services which allow us to share any kind of content through any social media channel we choose. But what are those services and which content sharing categories do they fall under?

After extensive research, we were able to find out 6 different content sharing categories, with top rated services as examples of each. The approach we applied was looking online for the top Twitter sharing services of photos, music, and so on, and using Compete.com to map traffic graphs and accordingly informing you only about the ones worth mentioning!

Comparing Twitpic.com, Flic.kr, Tweetphoto.com and img.ly

Comparing Twitpic.com, Flic.kr, Tweetphoto.com and img.ly

1. Photo Sharing:

  • Twitpic: is by farĀ the most popular tool allowing users to easily post pictures to the Twitter microblogging and other character-restricted social media service. This is also one of the most popular service for Twitter in general.
  • Flickr on Twitter (flic.kr): is a Flickr2Twitter integration enabling Twitter users to share posted content on their Twitter accounts using a simple web-based sharing button or via email/mobile using a unique “2Twitter” email address. The problem with this service is that Flickr “should have allowed users to choose to auto-tweet about new batches of photos without having to select each pic individually after the fact“.
  • Tweetphoto: this service has the following unique features: allowing automatic geo-tagging of photos sent from GPS enabled phones, providing information on how many people have looked at the photos, in addition to allowing for direct commenting on those photos.
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