Reppler: The New Social Media Monitoring Service

Recently, a startup called Reppler launched a service to help people shine on Facebook pages and profiles that have become resources checked by employers, college recruiters and even potential mates.

Simply put, Reppler is a social media monitoring service designed to keep your social reputation clean and safe. It addresses three critical pillars of your social reputation — content, privacy and security.

My Facebook Acoount on Reppler

My Facebook Account on Reppler

What Does it Do?

Reppler continuously monitors your social networking profiles so you can present a positive image within your circle of friends and professional network. The initial version of Reppler is free and supports Facebook.

Diet Pepsi Beckham Viral Video

It started of me noticing a video of David Beckham on Facebook posted by one of my soccer crazed friends, so I was curious enough about it that I click on it and watched it. It was simply a video of him shooting three soccer balls into bins on a beach, but while watching the video I could not help but notice him holding a can of Diet Pepsi and drinking from it and then reading that this was filmed after the shoot. The video was amusing and I read a few comments debating the authenticity of it but at the end of the day the thought of him drinking a Diet Pepsi was the image that stuck with me for the longest and that’s how I got to notice Pepsi’s latest social media marketing campaign.

So What’s The Campaign About?

The Campaign is pretty simple in a sense; it doesn’t have the high production values of the usual Pepsi commercial. As a matter of fact it doesn’t even explicitly say or show Pepsi at any point in the commercial. The only thing that indicates that it’s related to Pepsi at all, beside the glimpses you get of the can every now and then, is the fact that it’s on Pepsi’s Youtube page.

The Buzz

The video to date has been watched more than 1.48 million times on Pepsi’s Youtube channel and has sparked a heated debate on the authenticity of it spread across blogs, Twitter, Facebook and a 1,300+ comments on the original video. The debate is completely void of any mentions of Pepsi, even though it’s a Pepsi commercial, but every single one of those people must have noticed the new shiny silver Pepsi can in the commercial. and those interested enough in getting either more Beckham or Pepsi must have clicked on the link below the video for Diet Pepsi’s Facebook page.

Twitter Debate of The Video

Lessons Learned

  • In a post-branding era the conversation is more important than the traditional aspects of branding and with this commercial Pepsi attracted a crowd that might have scoffed at the idea of discussing a Pepsi commercial when that’s exactly what they are doing.
  • The attraction power of a star. If it was just a random person doing this trick it surely wouldn’t have attracted that many people over this short span of time, the fact that people knew who David is made them have some ground for a debate.

What do you think? Share with us your thoughts and comments below.

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Underheard in New York: Listening to the Homeless Tweet

There are thousands of homeless people around the world, with no one to listen to their voices, share with them their dreams or sooth their fears.

This is why the “Underheard in New York” initiative began.

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Using Social Media to Promote Haiti Shops to US Consumers

Social media is, yet again, being tested to prove its worth, not solely to brands, services and products but also to a country and its economy. Do you think it’ll succeed? Read more to find out.

Learn Social Media by Example: “It Has to be Heinz — Dip & Squeeze” Campaign

Learn Social Media by Example: “It Has to be Heinz — Dip & Squeeze” Campaign

Heinz Ketchup on Twitter

In efforts to innovate and freshen up, Heinz has launched its biggest umbrella brand marketing campaign to date, in a £5m push to build on its “emotional connection” with consumers.

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