Should You Accept Your Parent’s Facebook Friend Request [Flowchart]

Only a few days ago, I came across this interesting flowchart on Mashable. The main idea of the flowchart is to guide Facebook users about whether or not they should accept their parents’ friend requests based on certain criteria.

Since we are very intrigued by the many ways social media affect parenting, we thought we’d share the flowchart here in order to lightly point out the dilemma parents might be facing due to the infamous Facebook!

Accept or Not... That is the Question!

You can read more about this topic here: When Mom or Dad Asks to Be Facebook Friends.

As parents and as offspring, what do you think of this flowchart? Do you think it can help build the relationship between parents and their children or wreck it? Do you agree that Facebook users should follow it?

Looking forward to your comments down below…

Twoddler Tweeting Toy: Marketing Brilliance or Useless Gimmick!

“There has to be a thin line between creative, innovative ideas and useless ones! I guess it’s all a matter of the target audience’s perception!” By the author.

Do you remember Reddit’s Bacon Soap: Reddit’s efforts to create a marketing buzz about their brand? Well, Fisher Price is now aiming to gain some fame and buzz through its latest controversial product: The Twoddler Tweeting Toy!

The Twoddler Toy!

The Twoddler Toy!

Within the context of how social media and technology affect parenting, this Twoddler Toy opens the door for debate: Will parents love this toy in order to brag about their toddlers’ tweets and rejoice for their ability to stay in touch with them? Or will this toy be mocked for being, in reality, ridiculously useless since the toddlers’ tweets will make no sense whatsoever?

Looking forward for your opinions below :)

The Many Ways Social Media Affects Parenting Online & Offline!

How do social media tools, channels and platforms affect parenting habits? Is social media widening or narrowing down the generation gap between parents and children? Are parents able to obtain more advice on good parenting habits through social media than any time before?

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