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Interview 140 Brief: During our research and while looking into different profiles on Twitter, we stumbled upon a certain trend being carried out by a few great Twitter lovers who have the ability to use Twitter in a way that makes the world a better place! Thus, the idea of Interview in 140 characters came into play! We decided to pick one Twitter user every once in a while and interview him/her about different topics of interest to the whole Twitter community and us as well.

Thoughtpick's twitter interviews...

Thoughtpick's twitter interviews...

A line about the interviewee:

Larry Agresto is a life and success coach, and the founder of Peak Performance Coaching – A business and executive coaching firm that aims to create extraordinary levels of business results and personal fulfillment. Larry is also a brilliant writer, author and speaker, who has a great passion towards helping other people achieve their “true” potential in life.

With a staggering 25,793 followers on Twitter and more than 10,688 quality tweets, one can understand how popular @lagresto and appreciate to what extent people are actually following his tweets for a daily dose of “Magical Thinking“.

He has published several e-books which are related to his line of expertise; “The Principles of Success”,  “The Journey”, “What’s Stopping You”, “The 100 Day Breakthrough”, “The Power of Magical Thinking”, and he is currently working on a new book entitled “The 21 Day Breakthrough!”.

"We create our own reality in life, so, what ever you believe is true, what ever you tell yourself about yourself is true."

"We create our own reality in life, so, what ever you believe is true, what ever you tell yourself about yourself is true." 8irs47mk6e

Interview140 Analysis and Lessons:

Life is not easy, we all get stuck with our habitual behavior and struggle with the heavy baggage of our past which we carry upon our shoulders. We are always in need for people like Larry to give us a wake up call and remind us that life can actually be an enjoyable ride.

It took Larry a tragedy – losing his own wife – in order to be able to transform himself and realize his own potential in life. It helped him realize his own inner strengths, those he never knew he had. This changed his life and pushed him to become a man who knows how to make a difference in the life of others.

Again, like we have seen in Paulo Coelho‘s experience with social media, we can see it again with Larry. He is a man who aspires to touch people’s hearts. His passion is to connect with other people and help them realize that they can be happy – no matter what -. Social media offers the right tools for such men.

Paulo Coelho Knows How to Use Social Media Better

Since the dawn of time, human beings have felt the need to share – from food to art. Sharing is part of the human condition. A person who does not share is not only selfish, but bitter and alone.” Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho's Facebook fan page showing more than 500k fans!

Paulo Coelho's Facebook fan page showing more than 500k fans!

As usual, inspiring words from the beloved Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho; words that do not only highlight an innate need in us – human beings – but also give us a better insight about the reasons why the web’s evolution into a social hub became a big success. This social hub brought people together to share their fears, emotions and thoughts, along with many others concerns and feelings amongst each other.

The other day, while reading Paulo’s latest novel “The Winner Stands Alone”, I realized that this wise man simply sees things better. He pauses, he thinks and he feels and he then collects it all into words that fly to the hearts of other people around the world carrying the beautiful insights of his enlightened soul. He, himself, is a warrior of light; a lingo that he created to define people who fight their way into life to achieve their dreams and fulfill their destinies.

With such deep understanding of human nature, such an insightful look on life and a core spirit that strives on interacting with other people, the success of Paulo Coelho in social media comes as no surprise. He uses the new found Web tools efficiently and in a very natural way to reach out and interact with more and more people. It is like social media is exactly what a writer, who aims to touch people’s hearts, needs.

Paulo Coelho engages with his fans through his blog, Facebook account, tweets, Flickr photos and YouTube videos. He doesn’t only offer his stream of inspirational thoughts in his books, but he also takes the extra mile of sharing them with the world on a daily basis and through different media.

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