Apple Putting Ads in Mac OS X? [video]

Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake“! Napoleon Bonaparte

I wonder if, for once, Microsoft is being very very quiet while watching Apple make its mistake! The video and my analysis will explain what I mean!

The Apple/Microsoft fight seems to be never ending! Yet, since its market share is relatively low when compared to Microsoft, Apple is constantly trying hard to overcome its opponent in terms of advertising content and style, using both humor and personification to attract new potential customers and retain the current ones.

Nevertheless, it seems to me that Apple might be running out of creative brand promoting ideas and resorting to “intrusive” advertising within its latest release of Mac OS X. The video below explains it all!

Therefore, the question that needs to be asked now is: Will this new method that Apple is using result in turning people against Apple, even if it entails a free reward?

The way I see it, Apple targets a niche market since their prices are relatively high as opposed the average PC or laptop. With that said, Apple’s potential customer base should not be that different and the way for advertising to them should not dramatically differ. Apple users seek a certain type of recognition which this type of advertising might deprive them of!

What is your take on that? Please share below.

Mac vs. PC Windows 7 Ad: Broken Promises [video]

Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief.” Leo Burnett

A few months back, I wrote a post discussing the effective advertising techniques that Apple was using to promote its Macs as opposed to Microsoft’s approach. The humor Apple uses highly overpowers Microsoft and makes the ad viewer relate more to Mac products, feeling that he/she needs to be a part of this “family” and “movement” towards a universal switch to Macs!

Recently, this video was released to the public: a new Mac ad targeting the PC’s lack of fulfilling its promises! Great idea and very realistic, especially if you take the time to see the complaints and problems with almost all the versions of Windows that have been released so far.

Yet, my question here is this: Is it ethical for Mac to use this type of advertising against PCs? I mean we do know it’s true, but aren’t Mac pushing it a bit too far?

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