Quirky headlines of 2010… so far

It always brings a smile to everyone to read those amusing, and sometimes weird, occurrences in the world of social media. It seems that 2010 has started out strong, so far, with a lot of news really bringing a smile, or a smirk, to many. Sadly, given our information saturation, we sometimes miss the chance to actually read a bit more about them or even skim through the headlines and quickly miss the chance to enjoy them.

So here at Thoughpick we collected the headlines that we thought were amusing and warranted to be visited, or revisited by people:

“No Kicking Penguins”

No Kicking Penguins In Antractica

No Kicking Penguins In Antarctica

Colby is a seven year old that started a craze that reached all the way to Antarctica. When his mother just happened to kick an inflatable penguin across the hall, this kid felt offended and expressed himself by painting a picture of a women kicking a penguins with a crossed circle on top of it; making his position clear. This was so cute that it caught on among the family until one of them decided to post it to Reddit where it was celebrate and gave birth to a fund-raising effort for Autism. So visit www.nokickingpenguins.org and support Colby’s mission by buying a T-shirt. Next campaign seems to be “No Kicking Flamingos”

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