Underheard in New York: Listening to the Homeless Tweet

There are thousands of homeless people around the world, with no one to listen to their voices, share with them their dreams or sooth their fears…. This is why the “Underheard in New York” initiative began.

Idea & Objectives:

Underheard in New York is an initiative to help homeless New Yorkers speak for themselves through Twitter. “In a time when communication is all around us, we felt it was necessary to give a voice to the people who needed it most. Between Jan. 2009 and Jan. 2010 the total number of unsheltered individuals within New York City rose an estimated 34%.

Four homeless people — Danny (@putodanny), Derrick (@awitness2011), Albert (@albert814) and Carlos (@jessie550) — were given their own prepaid cell phone, a month of unlimited text messaging and a Twitter account.

The 4 Tweeting Homeless Men

The 4 Tweeting Homeless Men

: 2/5
: 2/5
: 4/5
: No
: 4/5

The Hierarchy of Internet Needs [Infograph]

A while back my colleague Beirut talked about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how it fits in with why do people tweet. The discussion that this article sparked was both interesting and polarized. So when I saw that the people at Flowtown have created “The Hierarchy of Internet Needs” I knew that I had to share with our readers.

The Game Layer on Top of The World [TED Video]

This was a really amazing TED lecture that I thought about sharing, the possibilities that open up in your mind, after listening to this lecture, are truly amazing. The concept is very simple: the evolution of social networking has reached its apex and settled on a platform; Facebook. Now, the way forward would be to […]

Dove Self-Esteem Campaign — Learn Social Media by Example

Dove Self-Esteem Campaign — Learn Social Media by Example

Free Dove self-esteem shirt

Learn more about conducting successful social media campaigns through this amazing campaign executed by Dove: The Self-Esteem Fund.

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