Blippy: Could This Insanity Have a Purpose?

Well, privacy in the new social age is a very illusive ideal. Some people, like one Mark Zuckerberg, think that privacy is dead but even they try to reclaim their own private space! With Blippy privacy is not just dead, privacy has been dug up from its grave chopped up, processed and sold as piranha food.

So what is Blippy?


Blippy / What are your friends buying?

Blippy is a service very similar to Twitter in its look and it’s dubbed as a “social shopping” service. Basically, what it does is that it allows its users to automatically share their purchases from iTunes, Amazon,Visa, MasterCard and others and allows them to discuss those purchases and track them. Yes; that means your entire financial transactions are going to be shared with the whole wide web, if you opt to that. The site provides you with a “Blippy Credit Card” and all the transactions on this card will be shared while your private credit cards will remain… private. So with the launch of this service privacy is dead, but are the founders of Blippy crazy to think people will be willing to share that? Or are they at the bleeding edge of social media?

Mozilla Firefox and The Single-Sign-On Holy Grail

Mozilla Weave for Firefox

Mozilla Weave for Firefox

Ever since Microsoft introduced the idea of CardSpace, the holy grail of single login has been sought after by many. OpenID has been a player in the field of single login but the idea never really picked up the level of mainstream adoption needed.

With the recent growth of social media, and to leverage their reach and power, social networking sites started offering their authentication services to third party applications. Authentication systems, such as Facebook connect and Google Friend’s connect, offered users the ability to sign up using their already established ID’s and simplify the sign up process to new applications and sites.

Single-Sign-On (SSO) Woes

While that has been a great example of how social media sites are expanding into other areas of influence on the internet, it already raised quite of few alarms. Besides the single-sign-on tech wars amongst internet giants, the SSO system has facilitated phishing attacks on users. You are no longer supposed to only enter your account information on the sites that you registered on.

HOW TO: 5 Tips & Tricks for Stronger Passwords…

Security professionals build many layer of security to protect a system from being compromised, yet the one problematic area that represents the weakest point is the users’ passwords. In this post we will focus on some tips and steps that will help with managing and strengthening passwords.

HOW TO: Protect Your Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook from Hackers!

HOW TO: Protect Your Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook from Hackers!

Online Security

Last week about 10,000 user Hotmail user accounts and passwords were posted on a Developer's forum. Learn how to protect yourself!

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