PicFog: Exposing your Twitter images to the world!

PicFog is a real-time Twitter image search engine that’s been around for some time, persistently adding new features, such as the support for Twitter image sharing services Twitpic, Twitgoo and Yfrog.

This all sounds great, but what what about privacy concerns? Doesn’t anyone care anymore? Or is it that they are, simply, clueless!

Recently, an article in the Dutch de Volkskrant newspaper discussed the new PicFog web application: Picfog brings order to photograph fog on Twitter (translated from Dutch).

PicFog and Privacy Issues:

Basically, what the article talks about is the following: With a reported 300,000 new users every single day, only Twitter knows how many pictures have been added to its user accounts. But if users have not blocked their user account from third party peeks, their pictures may now be seen, by the entire world, through a simple search on PicFog!

A Simple Search on Picfog and... viola!

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