Nokia in 2015 – The Way We Live Next

“At Nokia, we believe in seamless integration of devices with services…”

In general, this video promises a better, more comprehensive and interconnected platform for services and communication through the Nokia devices. This all seems well and good, however, there are some concerns that need to be addressed!

  1. Constantly Learn from Consumers: Although this sounds very appealing, the first thought that crossed my mind when hearing it was: privacy concerns! Do we really want or need Nokia, or any other manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, to know more about us; How we think? What we like? Where we go? What we do?
  2. The OVI Platform: Despite the fact that the OVI platform seems interesting, I think Nokia is not the strongest player when compared to Google and Apple when it comes to web presence and mobiles.
  3. Global Knowledge Sharing: How secure is this server where the data is stored? What if it was hacked? What are the measures to protect our information?
  4. High Level of Dependence: Do we really want to reach a stage in life where we would be “lost without our phones”? Moreover, what happens when the system is down?

Nokia believes that services and devices together will create the solutions our consumers will want in the future, the way we manage and analyze the information generated by these solutions will drive us to a whole new level of consumer understanding”...

We have heard what Nokia believes… Therefore, the question is: What do you believe: Do you support fully automated systems paving your every step? Do you trust sharing your intimate and detailed information with Nokia? What other concerns do you have after watching the video?

5 Top Reasons Why Twitter is Not Very Popular with Teens!

Is Twitter simply too “dull” for teens to sign up to and use? What are the reasons for the rather low number of teen Twitter users? Would it be wise for Twitter to focus advertising in a way that targets teens? What benefits would teens gain from regularly using Twitter?

A few days ago, through my usual morning research of the latest web news and social bookmarking sites I use, I stumbled upon a very interesting article about teens and their very low percentage of Twitter usage. That fact made me wonder: Why are teens avoiding Twitter?

Quantcast:'s teen users are the lowest category (July 09)

Quantcast: Notice's teen index is the lowest (July 09)

Here is my analysis…

5 top reasons why Twitter is not very popular with teens:

  1. Lack of Privacy: As you all know, every single word you type and tweet to your followers could be easily tracked back to you! Twitter is a fully open network in which almost anyone can see your updates! I don’t think teens appreciate that kind of lack of privacy especially in that age in which they rebel against their elders, parents and even siblings!
  2. Dull Platform: Twitter offers different content sharing services that allow its users to share pictures, music, documents and so on. In addition to that, there are many Twitter based games designed for Twitter users such as Mafia Wars and others. Why then is Twitter still not that popular amongst teens? The “tweets” are my main guess. I think the fact that you need to type in words whatever it is you want to share with links rather than graphics and the lack of ability to fully interact with others through their profiles and yours makes Twitter a bit too dull for teens.
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