T-Mobile’s Angry Birds Live

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

If you’re wondering what an Angry Birds movie might look like, T-Mobile has put together a life-size version of the hit game with projectile birdies, explosions, and all.

Campaign Idea & Buzz:

With a combination of creative online and offline advertising, T-Mobile demanded customer attention and got it using the one and only Angry Birds!

Aiming to leverage the popularity of the game, T-Mobile created this to connect the love of Angry Birds to it’s entire smart phone product range, and with a life sized installation, real exploding pigs and about 5 million views in a week! Moreover, most of the web based reactions and buzz about the campaign were refreshingly positive.

: 3/5
: 4/5
: 5/5
: No
: 4/5

CityVille — Apps Using Social Media Brilliantly

Welcome to another episode of Thoughtpick’s series of articles: Apps Using SM Brilliantly. We will again be looking into examples of tricks and methods that online games and applications are using to make the most of social media. In other words, what is making those apps as “spreadable” and “viral” as they are.

Today’s application is: Zynga’s CityVille.

The Application:

Zynga's CityVille

Zynga’s newest game, CityVille, is the fastest growing game in the company’s history. It had nearly 300,000 players in its first 24 hours, and 3 million daily active users in its first week.

Currently, CityVille has over 12,940,000 monthly active users and 38,000 likes.

Bored.com — Apps Using Social Media Brilliantly

What is making Bored.com as “spreadable” and “viral” as is it? Read more for analysis, insights and tips!

Twitter Chess: Can you play blindfolded?

Twitter offers new ways to play Chess for Chess fans; On one hand ChessTweets builds on Twitter to provide options for challenging a collective of minds, while on the other hand Twitter comes as a perfect platform for blindfold chess.

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