Post-Off: 5 More Types of Facebook Friends!

A couple of weeks ago, we published a post entitled: The 5 Types of Facebook Friends… Which one are you? The post was written by a fellow writer and it was both fun, entertaining and able to depict the reality of Facebook users.

When I read that post, I got inspired! Since I have been a Facebook user for a long time, I figured that I should also write a post, based on my experience, about more types of Facebook friends, as a post off! Here it goes:

Facebook Friends

5 More Types of Facebook Friends…

1. The “Never Was/Be” Friend

This is probably someone random who was with you at university or school and you haven’t been in touch with for ages! You added them a few years after you graduated and started using Facebook and never got around to removing them off your list or really getting to know them better.

5 Uncovered Myths about Getting Retweeted!

Every now and then, someone somewhere decides to fabricate or resurrect a new myth or urban legend which changes the way we see and even do certain things! Like, for example, I would not dare say “Bloody Mary” 3 times in a row in front of my mirror in the dark, no matter what the stakes are and even if it was a bet with great returns!

Busting the Myths about Retweets!

Busting the Myths about Retweets!

A few days ago, while wandering around in the social media realm, I came across a new fabricated myth molded into a post form called:“5 Secrets To Get Retweets That The Experts Won’t Tell You”.

Having had a great and prosperous Twitter experience so far, it really got on my nerves to read such a post, wondering: Who are those experts? And how would someone make such assumptions? Based on what exactly?

In a nut shell, this myth lessened my Twitter experience and turned it into a joke, which is why I decided to rebel by fighting it back!

Uncovering the Myth about Getting Retweeted…

1. Focus On The Sexually Active.

In this fantasy post I read, the author stressed the importance of focusing on the “sexually active” tweeps, saying that sex always sells! I tend to highly disagree, with a frown! From my humble yet vast experience, I found that most active, valuable tweeps are those who are more business-oriented; those who want to promote a high quality image and promote their designs, inspiration and even quotes that aim towards providing a better quality of life!

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