Internet Responds To Nathan Fillion:

If you would like to know just how powerful Nathan Fillion (Captain Malcolm Reynolds) is, all you need to do is look at how is fans are taking any suggestions to resurrect his show, FireFly, despite a highly unlikely success rate!

In case you have never heard of FireFly, here’s a short clip:

Idea & Objectives:

Firefly Cast

Firefly Cast

In order to make bring back FireFly, the internet has launched, which offers the following plan of action:

  1. Create a limited partnership to be owned by the fans. Anyone who invests in the company has a voice.
  2. The purpose of this partnership will be to enable what everyone has been hoping for all these years: the production and distribution of more of our favorite show.
  3. Create a system through which anyone can invest in the organization. If we can’t raise enough money, or if we can’t acquire the rights we’re after, we return the remaining funds. No hassle, no questions, no worries.
  4. Look for a few good Browncoats to serve as a board for oversight.
: 4/5
: 5/5
: 4/5
: No
: 5/5

Zuckerberg: Facebook is Not Shutting Down! [Cartoon]

The crowds were in shock: Is Facebook really shutting down as the rumor claims? Some were happy, some were sad while others freaked out!

So Joy of Tech decided to make use of this event by creating a cartoon about it… Since we found the cartoon funny, clever, and rather mischievous, we thought of reblogging it here for all our readers…


Facebook is Not Shutting Down

Facebook is Not Shutting Down

Do you like the cartoon? Do you think it might have some truth to it?

Looking forward to your comments down below…

Social Media Trends for Businesses [video]

Social media = More power to the people With the strong presence of social media, every social media user can have a voice and share his/her opinions with the world. Advertisers now are targeting social media more and more since they understand the major role it plays in attracting customers, building brand loyalty and boosting [...]

Too Many Social Networks … Too Little Time

It is tough time to be an internet socialite these days. There are just way too many networks to keep up with and just not enough time to follow all those conversations that are going on all of them. So it was inevitable that someone will step up and introduce website that help to make the socialite life a lot easier and allows them to streamline their social media profiles into one place.

Mac Snow Leopard vs. Microsoft Windows 7 on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook & Blogs…

Mac Snow Leopard vs. Microsoft Windows 7 on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook & Blogs…

Is social media turning into one of the main reasons for purchasing trendy, fashionable and tech products these days? Is it fair to solely depend on web marketing and social media channels (such as Youtube, Twitter and Facebook) in order to decide whether to purchase a certain brand or its competitor?

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Social Media & NGOs: Crossing Boundaries & Building Bridges!

Social Media & NGOs: Crossing Boundaries & Building Bridges!

Jump on! Image By: Matt Hamm

Can social media help Non-Governmental Organizations achieve their humane goals and objectives? How could social media be utilized efficiently and effectively in order to promote noble causes and humanitarian concerns?

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