Introverts On The Web – The Virtual People

With the plethora of social networking sites, it is interesting to monitor people’s behavior on those sites. People seem to be different online from how they are in real life. Thus, it was interesting to read a study that looked into the personalities of people who use Twitter and contrasted their personality types’ prevalence on Twitter with their prevalence in real life.

For instance, they looked at the percentage of introverts on Twitter and compared it to the percentage of introverts in society at large. It came as no surprise to me at all that the study revealed that introverted personalities were over-represented on the social networking site.

As an introvert, I could relate to those statistics quite a bit.

He's an Introvert!

He's an Introvert!

I have always found it interesting how people who are socially outgoing consider mingling with people and making friends the easiest thing in the world. Actually, some even consider it a requirement for their livelihood; for without people to interact with, they would just lose their mind! To me it has always been the most frustrating and annoying of experiences.

Some people consider the experience of interacting with others to be quite tiring and they genuinely lack the interest to put on the shenanigans that are required of a social person. Those people tend be tucked away from the society and are only visible to a select number of people, and in general tend to be overlooked as oddities.

However, with the advent of the internet, they started to realize and discover something new and started coming out of their shells.

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