How Social Media Compromised Our World in 2009 [video]

My beloved “Noise to Signal” present you with: 2009 in social media!

An interesting video mostly condemning the way in which social media has twisted and altered our lives, chronologically and throughout the year 2009 covering Twitter and its victims, Facebook and its poorly presented new terms, Google’s latitude for tracking people, MySpace and its defeat and so much more!

Bravo Noise to Signal, you have nailed them all!

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Finally, what do you think of this video? Do you think is really portrays the reality of social media in 2009? What would you change if you had the chance to?

5 Web & Internet 2010 Funny Predictions – Photoshopped & Illustrated!

The only constant thing is change!

Therefore, and to make sure that we capture the changes in social media for the coming year, we have prepared for you a funny list of our own predictions for ten social media tools and sites for the year 2010! Make us smile, and share them :)

1. Twitter Explosion


Twitter Explosion

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