Did Your Twitter Tweet Count Suddenly Drop? Twitter Bug?

I was chatting earlier on with Beirut (@beiruta) and she was complaining that her Twitter profile shows that she has only tweeted 850 updates, while just a few days ago it was showing more than 5000 tweets. Using Google’s cached results, I confirmed that, and by that time, Beirut had a few more people complaining about the same issue.

The Twitter Number of Updates Bug - comparing current vs. Google cached profiles

The Twitter Number of Updates Bug - comparing current vs. Google cached profiles

So far, comparing cached Google results versus current results, the following Twitter users replied to @beiruta’s inquiry and are facing the same issue at the time of writing:

  1. @arleigh, dropped 21,000 tweets from a cached count (13 Aug 2009 02:38:44 GMT) of 21,819 to 1,090 tweets!
  2. @MoGeezie, had an outstanding 15,894 tweets via cached results (10 Aug 2009 10:01:52 GMT) and now showing only 3,824 tweets – a drop of 12,000 tweets!
  3. @beiruta, Beirut A.H., now showing 850 updates, while a Google cache page dated “10 Aug 2009 23:43:01 GMT” shows 5,662 tweets. A 4,812 drop.
  4. @togetherwf, Susan Smith, dropped 4,358 tweets from 4,744 tweets showing via Google cache (13 Aug 2009 03:19:08 GMT) to 386 currently showing.
  5. @memachel, Michelle Brooks, is now displaying with a count of 10,880 tweets, while the cached copy (12 Aug 2009 04:42:53 GMT) has her at 11,473 – a drop of 593 tweets.
  6. @wallybock, Wally Bock, now showing 6,322 updates, while the cached page on “13 Aug 2009 18:07:02 GMT” shows 6,721. Dropping 399 tweets.

So far @arleigh seems to have the biggest *proven* drop at 21k! Did your tweet count drop?

Is this yet another Twitter bug, just like the tweeting up to 250 characters bug?

I asked Beirut (@beiruta) why that drop made her frown, and she replied…

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