You’re not a writer? Try Tumblelogs!

Many of us dream to have the ability to express ourselves fully and openly to the world surrounding us. Many often opt to, maybe one day, become great writers, and have the ability to write about what we feel, what we learn, the things we see, our experiences, the sensations we go through and the extreme moments of happiness or sadness that we undergo. But, we are not all writers! And that is where Tumblelogs comes to solve our dilemma!

Whether you are an amateur writer, a photographer, a thinker or just someone with an opinion to be heard, Tumblelogs represent a “venue for venting” for you with little things to learn and so much to do allowing you to blog, micro-blog, video-blog, audio-blog, and even just link-blog! The world wide web is an endless stream of possibilities and Tumblelogs are well-established yet recently famous ones, going beyond the limits of blogs and micro-blogging into a world of complete freedom! - Can it be any simpler? - Can it be any simpler?

So, what do Tumblelogs provide for you?

Example Tumblelog (

Example Tumblelog (

  • The option to write the least yet express the most through certain plug ins such as the “quote” button.
  • The ability to insert videos and images that uniquely define who you are, your hobbies and your topics of interest.
  • The choice to decrease your reliance on “tweets” or “plurks” for example, and find a more personal approach to get the ideas you have across to others.
  • The freedom to share your links in a fun and customized platform.
  • The flexibility to add the features on your own existing site as well as allowing you to build your own personal Tumblr.
  • Ease of use and therefore, anyone is able to benefit from this platform regardless of their age, gender, backgrounds or education level.
  • You can even post ‘chat-entries’. Let’s say you just finished an interesting debate over Gtalk, you can just copy/paste the conversation and tumble it away.

Moreover, and if you’re the type of person who likes to self-host his blog (or tumblelog in this case), or if you like to have the ability to get dirty with the code and plugins, we recommend Gelato, an open source Tumblelog platform which can be seen as the equivalent of WordPress.

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