First Reddit Bacon Soap… Next Twitter Pork Shampoo? Is it a Marketing Plot?

What is the clear cut line, if it exists, between actual monetization planning created to increase profits and marketing/branding strategies designed to increase a “buzz” and word of mouth for a certain product or service? Are social media sites such as Reddit using their influence, popularity and reputation to lawfully bring in more cash or is it all just a maneuver to attract more and more exposure wishfully thinking it will lead to more loyal users?

Reddit's Bacon Soap

Reddit's Bacon Soap

After yet another dive in the OriginalSignal news pool, my hook caught an interesting title: “Love Bacon? Need Soap? Now There’s Reddit’s Bacon Soap.” For a moment there, the main idea floating around my head was: Wow! What a great way to monetize!

I took a few steps back, reflected on all those Marketing courses I have taken a few years back and within yet another few minutes, it struck me: Is Reddit really thinking of gaining profit through selling such a strangely branded, not very appealing, type of soap? Or is this just another way to increase the buzz about Reddit in general and get more people, like me, to write about this product in relation to Reddit?

In my humble opinion, Reddit’s product would not bring about a high percentage of sales but it will, on some level, increase Reddit’s popularity amongst its current and potential users at the same token. The way I see it, and with the social bookmarking site’s clutter, Reddit took a smart step to remind its users of its availability as well as its creativity drawing an image of innovation and continuous improvement in the minds of anyone who hears of it.

I’ll conclude this controversial pick with two simple questions: Would you really consider buying or using Reddit’s Bacon Soap? How did this branding move effect your overview of Reddit?

Anxious to hear your opinions down below :)

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