Feeling Lonely? Why Not Rent a Friend?

Social media certainly evolves in very interesting and unexpected ways. In the early days, social media involved people posting personal ads on dating sites. In those days, it was a natural evolution of the dating scene from the pages of the magazines onto the web. Those people were interested in finding the elusive romantic of their dreams or just a quicky, either way it was bound to the same societal norms that were already established by the personal ads. The whole interaction was hugely anonymous.

Then came in the first true pioneer of the social media age, MySpace, for those who remember the early days it was pleasantly amusing and awe inspiring to find your favorite stars and celebrities online, friend them and chat to them personally. MySpace created an incentive to shed your nickname and be yourself online for others to find you. Then came Facebook which pushed this idea further and aimed at creating smaller and smaller group of interaction in which you are mainly staying in touch with your own circle of friends and rarely venturing beyond it.

This evolution of moving into more personal and more private interaction would have realistically ceased at the level of friends and family, but what about those who don’t have their friends and family immediately available to them? What about those who want to spend time and hang out with their friends rather than just stay in touch. That’s the gap that the rent-a-friend service fills.

Do You Have 0 Friends?

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