HOW TO: Maintain Your Social Media Presence after Quitting Your Job

One of the traditional problems that used to face employees back in the days was keeping the contacts they have met with, obtained as customers, managed and built relationships with during their days of service, after they have quit their job.

However, the tables have turned and the times have changed and now, the bigger question is: How do employees keep their social media contacts and presence after quitting their jobs?

Based on our experience in social media, we have a few tips and pointers for you that could answer the above question and further maintain the code of ethics you have towards your company:

Create, Simplify & Connect

1. Quality Vs. Quantity:

If you are a social media addict like me, you will develop a large follower/friend base in a short time. This will be great as long as you are working for your current company but will be confusing when you decide to quit! Look for quality followers: those who retweet your tweets, interact with you, recommend you and show real interest in what you do and who you are. After you have established that, you build strong ties with those chosen ones so they can be with you whichever account you transfer to later on.

10 Ways That Social Media Can Help You Land a Job!

Regardless of your university major and work field, there is always that edge which can help you land a job easier and with less fret. Traditionally, some interpersonal communication skills were required, then we moved to computer knowledge followed up by internet usage techniques.

But those were the old days. Nowadays, things are different and to land a job in a good reputable company or organization, you need some know-hows relating to social media, its channels and its benefits.

Therefore, in order to help you utilize social media for landing a job, I’ve prepared a list of the top 10 ways in which social media can be used to boost your resume and give you an edge over other applicants.

1. Create a Blog:

Blogs are usually a portal to your personality, or at least that’s what many employers would assume. Creating and managing a well organized and creative blog can be an indirect way of showing your employer your strengths when it comes to design, writing or even social media knowledge.

10 Tips to Ensure That You’re NOT A Social Media Sucker!

“Learn all you can from the mistakes of others. You won’t have time to make them all yourself”. ~Alfred Sheinwold – Therefore, I hope you will learn from my experience about the top 10 tips you should follow when using social media!

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Do Larger Social Media Channels Always Have the Upper Hand?

Do Larger Social Media Channels Always Have the Upper Hand?

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