Reclaiming the Longest Tweet in History at 250 characters!

In May, I noticed that a person can tweet longer than 140 characters, and blogged about it. About a week ago, Brian Caulfield of Forbes wrote and published an article claiming that Forbes reporter Taylor Buley (@taylorbuley) posted a 247-characters tweet claiming it was the longest tweet ever. A few days later, Terrence O’Brien of wrote a post about the same tweet entitled “Man Claims to Have Written Longest Tweet Ever (247 Characters)”.

I would like to reclaim the longest tweet ever with the following 250-character tweet that I just posted. Can anyone beat this with a 251 character tweet?

This is the longest tweet ever at 250 characters

This is the longest tweetever at 250 characters

I’m just doing that for fun – so I’m posting this under the ‘Offbeat’ category. :) If you like this post, why don’t you follow me on Twitter @amerkawar.


Update (30 minutes after publishing): As soon as I tweeted about this, I started getting the question “How to do it?“, so, here you go:

Method 1: Load Disable Javascript, reload the page. You’ll notice that the character counter disappears. That’s it!
Method 2: A more geeky approach using Linux command line: curl -u username:pass -d “status=your long tweet…”

Update 2 (15 July): So, Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) tweeted about this post a few hours ago, and it drove more than 20k visitors to our blog! Don’t forget to subscribe to our feed to be notified as soon as I post the blog stats of “The Kutcher Effect“. (It’s online now here)

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